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Some Client Financial Planning Goals

  • Retire comfortably
  • Provide for necessary health and dental coverage
  • Provide for my children's education
  • Provide for my survivors in the event of our deaths through adequate life insurance
  • Provide for our resources in the event of a disability
  • Provide for long term care planning so the assets you have accumulated will be available to your heirs
  • Analyze and implement retirement planning to meet goals
  • Obtain the optimum return on investments given your risk profile
  • Provide an asset allocation in line with your investment objectives and risk tolerance
  • Structure your estate to minimize estate taxes and provide for our heirs
  • Increase current income
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Have cash available for emergencies or investment opportunities
  • Accumulate funds that will keep up with inflation
  • Initiate estate planning to minimize federal estate taxes and provide for heirs
  • Review existing automobile and homeowners coverage