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The Need For Personal Financial Planning

The concept of financial planning has evolved through the years from a service available only for high net worth individuals to recognition that all investors deserve and demand advice, guidance and planning. We are faced with a growing population, ever-changing market conditions, more complex investment vehicles, and a multitude of financial pressures and demands that raise client concerns for financial education.

There is a sense of urgency in today's environment as investors seek the assistance of financial planners to create and manage a comprehensive plan that considers their personal goals, and life plan, in hopes of securing their financial future. Families are faced with multiple financial decisions in every decade of life. These life stages bring on different planning and investment needs and span from accumulation of wealth to preservation and distribution.

When we do comprehensive financial planning, the focus is on you and your family and anything that impacts your financial life. Working as a quarterback on your personal financial team, we look where you have been financially, where you are, and where you want to go to create a life plan, customized for you and your family. Financial planning is a process that is accomplished over a few months, meeting several times to formulate the initial plan to accomplish your goals. The plan is reviewed annually to account for any life cycle events impacting the plan; and quarterly to review market events and performance.